The project takes place on an urban farm, in the city of Lille, in the courtyard of the old train station St Sauveur. This urban farm is looking for ecological solutions, enabling its’ population to grow crops and harvest at the heart of their city. 


The group « Design for change » asked us, to bring solutions and conceive a sustainable urban farm by creating a series of installations. We’ve decided to focus on, how can we collect the water, stock it, distribute it, clean it and of course use it. We mainly focused on collecting rainwater, trying to combine the functions as much as the poetic and meaning of such a gesture.


Source is an installation that offers the visitor a multi-sensory experience. Establishing a close relationship between water and visitor. Inspired by the oppressing sound of raindrops on the métallique Caribbean roof during hurricanes, we build a structure using the very same materials, that retransmits an experience of rain.



2015 /Photos by Sandra Pointet