After building the Peter Zumthor Chapel smaller replica, and studying, not just the atmosphere, but also the way it was built, we chose to focus on concrete. We were obsessed with the idea of finding a way to offer a lightness to our material. We studied different percentages of water mixed with concrete in order to find differents textures.

Numerous tests were done in order to find the perfect dosage to obtain a uniform degradation of a two-meter high column. Concrete is a material that works well under pressure, so the fragile and perforated part bellow could easily carry the full and heavy concrete above which gave the effect of degradation and lightness. 

The shape of the model had to surround the visitor in order to feel a notion of space. The obsession and the challenge of a semester, in which a strong contrast appears: a raw and imposing material in a fine and harmonious object.



2013 / Photos by Cohann Rémy